How to refurbish a bench plane

This post describes how to refurbish a bench plane.  To show what can be done with even the most unpromising looking specimen, here is the worst example I purchased:   …it was made at some point between WWII and the mid-1950s and, as you can see from the photo of it dismantled, it has been painted … Read more How to refurbish a bench plane

Dating Record Bench Planes

The most complete reference prepared for dating record bench planes was created by David Lynch: …and the information in this post is based on his research plus my own observation on some of planes I have bought on ebay. As we already found out there are no very old Record bench planes – they started out in production … Read more Dating Record Bench Planes

Record Bench Planes – a Brief History

Old Record bench planes show up on Ebay UK on a weekly basis and are frequently described by optimistic sellers as “Vintage”, but how old are they really? To answer the question I have looked at the circumstances that prompted Record to start producing hand planes and in a subsequent post I will look at how the … Read more Record Bench Planes – a Brief History

Buying used bench planes on ebay

As I mentioned earlier, my foray into buying used bench planes on ebay is inspired by Paul Sellars, a British woodworker who writes eloquently about the value still to be found in old hand-planes and other tools.   He puts his money where his mouth is too, by routinely using an old Stanley 04 he bought in … Read more Buying used bench planes on ebay

Starting out with bench planes

The plan was to acquire hand tools as I needed them and since I had to remove about 5 mm from the top of my bench vice which, per the instructions from the vice manufacturer, I had left slightly proud of  the top so it could be planed flush after installation, the starting point was a hand plane. As it happens I already own a … Read more Starting out with bench planes