About this website

I created this website when I started  building a small garden workshop.  I did the building work myself and used materials found in many of the garden offices sold in the UK, including SIPs, mini-plinths, cedar cladding and EPDM roofing.  The designs were done in Sketchup.

I also enjoy a bit of woodworking, mainly using hand tools, and I'm interested in the historical aspects of the trade.  There are articles covering a range of topics from the history of steel manufacture to the refurbishment of tools.

More recently I have been enjoying some amateurish mechanics while I learn how to fix up a 1963 Honda CA95 motorcycle, a Honda C90 super cub scooter from the 1970s and my Piaggio Ape 3-wheeled van.  

Finally, I host this website on Amazon AWS Lightsail and there are a number of posts explaining what this entails.

You can click topics or search in the menu above to find out more.

I hope you enjoy the website.