About this website

I started this website while building a small garden workshop.  I did the design and construction work myself, using the same materials as many of the garden offices that are made commercially.   The workshop was made using SIPs (structural insulated panels), mini-plinth footings, cedar cladding and EPDM roofing.  I did the designs in Sketchup.

I am also interested in woodworking, primarily using hand tools, and I'm particularly interested in the historical aspects of the trade.  There are articles covering a range of topics from the history of steel manufacture to the refurbishment of tools.

More recently I have been enjoying some amateurish mechanics while I learn how to fix up a 1963 Honda CA95 motorcycle, a C90 scooter from the 1970s and my Piaggio Ape 3-wheeled van.  

You can use the topics heading or search function in the menu above to find out more.

I hope you enjoy the website.


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