Honda C90 – wheels complete

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There was not much to do to finish the wheels: on the front wheel I replaced the brake arms, springs and spacer (all of which were corroded beyond repair) and of course I put in new grease seals. I had replaced the wheel hub bearings earlier when I rebuilt the wheels.

wheels:   replacement parts

On the back, a new o-ring, brake arm and brake adjusters + new cush drive rubbers (these rubber parts act as dampers when power is delivered from the engine to the hub carrier in the back wheel – most people recommend using original Honda parts here as some of the pattern parts are v. poor quality).

cush drive rubbers installed

The final part to replace is the sprocket carrier bearing (NACHI 6203 Open Deep Groove Ball Bearing 17x40x12mm) – no real sign of wear on the original, but I replaced it for peace of mind (the bearing is less than a fiver):

the bearing should come out easily – use a bit of heat if needed

In the internationally recognised test for new wheels I bounced them on the floor and no spokes flew out. Done!

2 thoughts on “Honda C90 – wheels complete”

  1. Hi,
    I have a honda c90zz 1980 (6v) 7k miles. what would be your price to strip wheels, either re-chrome original rims or new quality rims and resilver the hubs and stainless spokes, new seals etc

    where are you based?

    many thanks

    • You can get Honda rims from David Silver (they were around £40 each when I got mine). OEM spokes are between £1 and £3.50 each unfortunately, so all in it is not cheap to use Honda parts. You can get aftermarket rims and spokes for much less money, but I can’t comment of fit and quality.

      Any bearing seller will be able to supply good quality replacement bearings (around £5 each). I get mine from Simply Bearings. Apparently the sprocket bearing is prone to wear so it might be worth replacing that too when you do the work.


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