Workshop Interior – design ideas

Here are my first thoughts on the layout – given limits of time and cash I am planning a combination of ikea cabinets and a hand-made workbench.

I would like to make this a dual purpose entertainment and (small) project space, but this plan tends to favour the latter activity. Unless you count a bench as ‘entertaining’.

So I am now thinking about how to incorporate a folding foosball table – probably the only place it can go is the bottom righthand corner, although this will mean sacrificing a big part of the storage.

I plan to mark out this layout on the floor at the weekend and see if I can think of a better arrangement.

I will post more on the workbench later – I’ve got some good ideas from the Garage Journal forum, and also plan a small feature of my own devising where I will create a ledge to store a portable workbench under the fixed worktop.

The workbench and the mft/3 will be the same height and my theory is this will make it easier to handle larger bits of work in the small space.

I don’t actually own a festool mft/3 but it is good to think ahead!

1st draft of the layout

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