I have completed version II of the pillar cladding and I am reasonably happy with it. This means the outside building work is now all finally done, bar a couple of coatings of clear coat for the cladding and a bit of silicon sealant between the pillar and the doors.

I used paint from Bedec called ‘multi surface paint‘ which I had never used before. Apparently it does not need undercoat or primer (although of course I did both, just in case!). It went on to the wood very well and I also did a little test on a scrap bit of door sill to see how well it would adhere to plastic – after 24 hours I could not remove it despite some hefty scratching with various implements – so I was impressed, it really does seem to be ‘multi surface’.

The colour was matched by the excellent Johnstones paint shop, as recommended by my missus.

corner post Version II

As mentioned before, this time I used marine ply. As a little test before going to all the trouble of dismantling version 1 and starting again I stuck a bit of marine ply and a bit of exterior ply end-up in a bucket of water overnight. Results below.

submerging ply: marine grade (bottom – perfect) , exterior grade (top – delaminated)

In the next instalment – starting on the interior.