One of the little jobs I had forgotten about was to fit some trim between the soffits and the walls.

I used oak trim from B&Q, glued and screwed them to the wall and then filled the countersunk screw holes.   I stained the wood with a mahogany stain and then varnished it, and I am reasonably happy with the result – certainly an improvement on what was there before.

The mitres are not too bad given the slightly undulating nature of my cladding – passable from ground level at least.

Following a bit of research I decided to have a go at doing the internal corners using a scribe – a bit hard to explain, but straightforward when you try it.  You cut a normal internal miter and then use a coping saw to do a back cut that takes away the material behind the cut, using the leading cut edge as a guide.

The small size and shape of the trim meant the coping saw was a bit fiddly so I used a dremel to do the same.  It was much easier to get a tight fit than with an internal mitre.