Workshop Storage

I made some shelving and an open sided bookcase type affair.

This was an opportunity to try out a very extravagant purchase – a festool domino.   The tool has an oscillating cutter than creates a recess for variously sized beech tenons (“dominos”) that can be used to create an accurate woodworking joint without any skill whatsoever.  As everyone who has ever owned or reviewed one will tell you, it is brilliant and basically foolproof.


30 quid of plywood, a several hundred pound domino machine and you can make some shelves with these instead of screws

I have one more bit of storage to create (a tool cupboard) and, allowing for my limited ability, this will follow the same rudimentary but functional design as my other workshop furniture.   Once this is done I am hoping to start to learn some proper wood working skills.

There is a huge amount to learn and as usual Youtube is fantastic resource where lots of lovely people with vast amounts of experience are willing to give up their time to teach people like you and me.

Here are my favourites:

Paul Sellers
very interesting chap – has over 50 years experience and is primarily interested in explaining how to work with hand tools and use traditional skills.  One of the most enjoyable part of his approach is that he spends a lot of time showing that it is possible to get a good result with basic tools, so long as you are prepared to give it a go and practice.

Peter Parfitt  – I have mentioned Peter before a couple of times on this blog- brilliant!

Marc J. Spagnuolo – another engaging, ehtusastic and prolific woodworking youtuber

all three are natural presenters, create high quality videos and are good fun to watch – highly recommended.

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