side table - finishing the top

19th Aug 2018
Tags: Side table

To finish the top you create a taper on each edge of the underside extending inwards about 2” and leaving about 1/4” on the edge, which helps give the illusion that the top is thinner and lighter than it really is.  It is quite simple to do really, although while I was paying a lot of attention to the gauge lines on the edge I over-ran the one of the lines showing where to stop at the top of the taper. I doubt it will never be noticed (apart from by me!) but a bit sloppy.

One bit of random learning today – someone suggested using wood shavings to clean my hands after sharpening  my tools (a messy business).  It is very effective and, with hindsight, is a more obvious solution than walking back to the house to wash my hands each time, but it never occurred to me.

Here is it with the top on – I think I have got away with the proportions despite the aforementioned cock-up on the cross members

The next step is to “ebonize” the legs in preparation for ebonizing the legs I have left a handful of wire wool soaking in pickling vinegar for a week.



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