I’ve got the knack with cladding now and managed to get a lot more up in a couple of hours this afternoon.

more cladding installed

cladding top tips

  1. It is impossible to keep the corner pieces together when you nail the boards up unless you brace them first. I found this out the hard way. In the end I used the little white connecting blocks you use in kitchen units.
  2. Fit the corner pieces together before fixing the cladding to the stud work. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? I found this out the hard way too.
  3. Specify the lengths of cladding you need…

… mine came in a rough assortment of lengths between 5-6M, and – since the walls need about 2.1M per vertical length – I am left with a load of not very useful bits of around 1M length. Much of this will get used in the soffits and above the windows and doors, but I have small gap on the LHS that can only be filled with an hodgepodge of bits. Thus a trip back to the timber merchant beckons for the last few bits.

last big delivery

a minor milestone, and something of a relief, the last bulky item was delivered today (plasterboard). It is a relief because the road outside my house is very narrow, so most of the large lorries have to be parked round the corner. The end result is a lot of carrying – which I have to say has always been borne with very good humour by the drivers – or short term chaos as we unload. Either way a bit of a palaver, and it it is nice not to have to worry about that any more.

fermacel boards – surprisingly heavy!