One of the plants I had to hack down when building the shed was a nice Honeysuckle ‘Graham Thomas’ – it was about 3 meters high and had a glorious scent when it was in flower.    I cut it back to the ground but did not expect it to recover, however, it has surprised me by putting on some new growth this year.

It is really a bit too shady now for it to thrive, but I suppose that if I can get it to climb a bit it may come back again, so I made this arbour/medieval clothes dryer affair for it to clamber up.


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  1. I have just come across your site by accident after purchasing a secondhand bench that came with two parkinsons 14 vices attached. I own a company that manufactures woodworking benches (under the brand Emir) and we use Record vices, now made in India, whose quality is very variable. I found your history absolutely fascinating but couldn’t find any details to contact you so this comment will have to do instead. I also love gardening. Thank you!


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