Wire Trellis Installation

14th Mar 2015
Tags: fitting-out

a narrowly avoided fiasco re. the trellis.  My original plan was to suspend the wires vertically from the overhanging roof, perhaps using pad-eyes,  but I decided it would be too hard to get the wires tight and tidy.

The tensioned wire trellis kits from s3i looked a much better option, but it appears I had a senior moment regarding the difference between feet and metres when placing the order and ended up with 1M kits, rather than the 3M versions I actually needed. doh!

So I had to improvise and, actually, I think I like the new – horizontal – layout better.

I was very impressed by the trellis components – not cheap, but well made and straightforward to fit.

drill a 4mm hole (you need to locate a batten behind the cladding to screw into) and insert the dual threaded screw
screw on the stand-out hub
cut the wire and tighten the nut at one end to tension


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