How much did it cost?

30th Nov 2014
Tags: cladding,  construction,  costs

my original guestimate of around £6000 was not even close and my updated, and slightly better informed, estimate of £7500 was not much better.  The actual total was £9760 – add in a skip or two and we can call it £10k.

Could it be done for £7500 ? I think so, but I would have had to reduce the spec for flooring, cladding and lighting.

You would probably save hundreds on materials compared to the price I paid if you are in the building trade, or know someone who is. Even if this is not the case, no doubt with a bit more patient shopping around it would be possible to get better prices than I did – for instance I probably paid more than strictly necessary for timber just for the convenience of using a local timber merchant.

was worth it for the money?

Shelling out this amount of money for what is basically a posh shed is an extravagance so it is going to be hard to rationalise it as any kind of bargain. My only consolation, other than the satisfaction of having done the work myself, is that it would have cost significantly more to buy one from one of the main garden room suppliers (to get something of roughly equivalent spec and size would cost around twice as much).

in the next instalment, things I wish I had known at the outset and things that, with hindsight, I would have done differently.

the end result


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