The first post on a new topic, the Piaggio Ape.

Ape TM owners, spare parts and service manuals, + a couple of manuals for other models.  I’ll add more as I find them.

Ape TM

APE TM (Petrol, Diesel) – Owners Manual (2012, English)

APE TM (Petrol, Diesel) – Spare Parts Catalogue (2009, English)

APE TM (Petrol) – Service Manual (2012, English)

Ape TM Petrol – carburettor

Calessino, Ape 50

APE Calessino – Spare Parts Catalogue (2007, English)

APE MSS 50 – Service Manual (2009, English)

Here is my rather battered Ape TM (2004) – it is a 220cc petrol model.   More on the work to repair it in subsequent posts.

My Piaggio Ape TM