You can strengthen the joints between legs and feet by ‘draw boring’.  It is very easy to make your own dowels: I used a chisel to split a bit of an oak balustrade into roughly hexagonal pieces slightly larger that the 3/8” inch dowels I needed and then thumped them through a piece of metal with holes drilled in it.  I used part of an old brass hinge and drilled three holes –  13/32”, 25/64” and 3/8” – and then bashed the dowels through each of the holes, largest to smallest.

I enjoyed making the dowels – it is a good balance of finesse and violent activity.

I have intentionally drilled one of the holes slightly higher than the other to liven up the piece and give it that authentic hand-made look 🙂

put some glue in the holes, tap in the dowels and plane flush. If you drill the holes in the legs very slightly out of line with the feet the dowels pulls the joint tight.