You may recall that I have set up my dust collection in such a way as there is no path for static electricity to make its way safely to ground.

If you have been following my obsessional warblings about static electricity you will also know that and this spells certain doom.  Here is my solution:

dust extraction - finishing touches
Earth Grounding Plug – an outrageous 10 quid from maplins

the earth grounding plug connects to the earth on one of the wall sockets in the shed.  I coiled 2mm copper wire stripped from some 3 core cable around the antistatic hose coming from the outlet port on the cyclone.  This is the last static conductive component before the non-conductive plastic used between the bench and the vac and my theory is that static will dissipate through the mains earth connection quicker than it can build up and zap my hoover.   Only time will tell!

oneida installed