Wire Trellis Installation

a narrowly avoided fiasco re. the trellis.  My original plan was to suspend the wires vertically from the overhanging roof, perhaps using pad-eyes,  but I …

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Mail me with your critisisms

A letter has flooded in from a Mrs Trellis1 of North Wales. “Dear Mr Miliband, ” (she writes) “Your blog was quite amusing at the start, …

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Robertson woodscrews

I mentioned that the vice I installed came with screws that use Robertson heads (see the picture below).I had not come across these before and …

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One of the plants I had to hack down when building the shed was a nice Honeysuckle ‘Graham Thomas’ – it was about 3 meters …

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Starting woodworking


Everyone is on a “journey” these days, and now I am too – my journey into woodworking has begun. I remember very little about the …

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