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I am still umming and erring about cladding, but out of necessity I have concluded already that I can’t afford a posh finish on all 4 sides, so the 2 sides that face the boundaries will be clad in Versapan boards and painted.

These boards are cement particle boards that can be used externally – they cost about £9 per m2, which is significantly less that what it would cost to use a more attractive finish.

I really wanted to do something unusual on the sides visible from the house, since just about every other commercial garden room is done in western red cedar, but all the really cool alternatives are only imported in small quantities to the UK (and v. expensive).

The two I liked most were parklex and hardie panels:

.. sadly both out of my league in terms of costs and, although i have not entirely given up on painted steel cladding, it is looking like I will end up with western red cedar like everyone else

WRC is not cheap – between £37-41 pm2 depending on what grade you go for.

lights and electrics

…another money pit.
I have managed to find some led downligters that will fit into a 50mm cavity (I am trying to minimize the depth of the ceiling battens because the ceiling height is already pretty low) this plus the outdoor halogens = £300.

Add another couple of hundred for the consumer unit, armoured cable, switches, sockets and cables for the circuits in the building.

There is a tbd amount needed to have the connection established to the house and the work that I do in the building tested. I am guessing about 250 quid for this.

roof cover

I’m using firestone EPDM and managed to get this for a bargain £306, including adhesives, metal trim and fixings.

internal plasterboard

I am planning on using fermacell – this is not a cheap option, but I think worth the added expense compared to bog-standard gypsum based boards, for reasons I shall be droning on about later ~ £300

fascias and barge boards
the top and bottom of my building will be finished in grey upvc boards – probably another £200, but a lot cheaper than aluminum (which i would have preferred)


£250 for the billions of battens needed to attach plasterboard and cladding

.. add another £150 for various nails, screws, glues and paints and you can see this is not a cheap project. Still too late to stop now!


The SIP panels arrived today.

heavier than they look


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