Drawing Software

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For many years I worked as programmer and what I learned was that, although it was generally more enjoyable to leap in and start writing code, it was almost always a bad way to get a good end result. Far better to work out your design first and do the construction later.

So I set out to do drawings for my shed – thanks to the joy of SIPs (more later, insulated panel fans!) I knew that there were no tricky engineering problems to tackle, but there were plenty of opportunities for expensive mistakes nonetheless. What was needed was a significant amount of obsessive planning up front.

I did a cursory search into DIY design software and they were either eye-wateringly expensive or horribly clunky. Then I had a thought – surely this is something that Google will have sorted out by now? And it turns out that they’d had a hand in doing just that – enter stage right, Sketchup.

Next up – why Sketchup is cool and how you can use it to plan your shed.

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